Vijana Amani Pamoja VAP

Helping young people in Nairobi´s slums make positive choices through soccer

P.O. Box 288-00610; Kikambuoni court block 771,Buru Buru phase 2,Mumias south Road, off Ol-doinyo le

Ansprechpartner: Enouce Ndeche

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  • Sozialpolitik/behinderte Menschen
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Über uns

Vijana Amani Pamoja – meaning ´Peace Together Youth´ – was originally founded in 2000 as a soccer club by Enouce Ndeche who today is the organisation´s Executive Director.
The community-based-organisation Vijana Amani Pamoja - or VAP - exploits the power of soccer to educate and empower young people from the city´s slums, helping them to make positive and healthy decisions.
Using the sport for development model, VAP tackles issues of HIV/AIDS, TB, female empowerment and anti-corruption and Education across these programs and regular community soccer tournaments.

The organisation´s mission is to integrate social and economic values through soccer by creating a pro-active health environment, and its´ vision is a society that is healthy and socially and economically empowered.

VAP delivers three soccer-inspired programs addressing HIV/AIDS, female empowerment and corruption in Kenya in Nairobi schools and community centers.
• Skillz Kenya: The organisation´s flagship HIV-prevention program
• Kick Out Corruption: This program aims to cut corruption in Kenya through youth education
• Mrembo Girls Program: Through soccer, this initiative restores, builds and unveils the inner beauty of girls
• Double Club: This program uses football to instill education and literacy as well as learning football drills.
Each program, lasting between three and six months, takes a two-pronged approach; firstly, participants are educated and informed on relevant health and social issues. Secondly, the self-esteem and confidence of participants are actively built to enable them to put their newfound knowledge into action, making positive choices and resisting peer pressure. The programs are delivered by peer educators, many of whom are local soccer stars, who act as role models.

Community health soccer tournaments:
Alongside its´ programs, VAP hosts regular community health soccer tournaments where local residents and young players can access services including HIV and TB testing, cervical cancer screening, family planning, child vaccinations and de-worming treatment. Where necessary, referrals and on-going treatment are provided.
These tournaments take place in the heart of communities where there is limited healthcare and a low take-up of services such as HIV testing.
VAP´s tried and tested formula of providing direct-access healthcare at an enjoyable event in a supportive, team-based environment, helps to significantly mobilize the community in seeking vital health services.

Enouce Ndeche is the Executive Director of Vijana Amani Pamoja (VAP).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

Participants going through activities of Skillz Kenya HIV/AIDS awareness program that uses the power of football
Participants going through VCT to know their HIV status during the Kick N Test football tournament
Community members knowing their HIV status at a VCT tent during Kick N Test football tournament
Mrembo program in session.Girls receiving information on sexual health reproductive
Double Club participants going through English and literacy program
Mrembo girls playing football
Participants going through Double Club,education and literacy program after playing football
Football players lining up at the VCT tent to know their HIV status after playing football in a Kick N Test football tournament
Mrembo girls going through sexual health reproductive teachings
Double Club participants during graduation
Skillz Kenya HIV/AIDS graduates
VAP Football team comprises of role models and peer educators who create awareness to the communities
VAP coaches in one of the monthly meetings discussing program challenges and successes