Education and Development for the Underprivileged Children in Nepal


P.O. Box 794 G.P.O, Basundhara

Ansprechpartner: Bishnu Kumar Ghale



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Über uns

Education and Development for the Underprivileged Children of Nepal (EDUC-NEPAL) is a small grass root non-government organization founded in the beginning of 2002. It is government registered and non-profit organization with a view to develop proper education and welfare of the socially and economically backward children as well as women empowerment. The office is located in Basundhara, Kathmandu. We believe that "A healthy, educated, well-trained citizenry is development."

At the Children Welfare Center (CWC):

• We teach: Quality non-formal education to the children. Moral and spiritual vales to the children. Human values to the children. The children to value themselves.
• We give: Love and affection to the children. Healthy meals and clean drinking water to the children everyday. Sheltering them dangers of street life (drugs, violence, abduction and prostitution) and home abuse. Regular health check-ups to the children.
• We encourage: Especially girls to empower and to educate themselves.
• We involve: Parents by giving them (skill) training to generate income, as well as counseling in various subjects like family planning, hygiene, nutrition etc.

Woman empowerment program:

The main objective of the program is to develop useful skills and self-confidence so that the participants can comprehend and have basic understanding of the Nepali language and income generating skill training. This adult learning will increase community access to functional and useful knowledge such as health talks and women will be able to be more active both at home and in the community. Basic education prevents disease and death as women are less likely to die during childbirth and the life expectancy for women is greatly improved.

Mr. Bishnu Kumar Ghale is the founder of EDUC Nepal.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can establish new contacts in the field of our work.