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Ansprechpartner: Kunze Mswanyama, Fadhili Unyayo



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Über uns

Habari Development Association (HAD) is a voluntary non-governmental (NGO) and non-profit oriented organization. HDA is an initiative driven by the Senior Journalists working in various media in Tanzania in making awareness to the public with Government in current anti-poaching efforts and was founded and registered in 2013 by the government. The association works countrywide. The Association works closely with Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourisms in making poaching in Tanzania is a history.

Dissemination of information to Tanzanian communities on the preservation of species and ecological system.

To effectively educate and promote protection of the Tanzanian ecosystem.

• To establish an information resource center where updates on issues pertaining to ecological mismanagement or tempering will be aired for public awareness.
• To make an in depth analysis on traditional beliefs and practices that negativity threaten the ecological system.
• To make an in depth analysis on the effects of industrial pollutants on the environment generally and marine ecosystem in particular.
• To support Eco-Tourism initiatives as well as working closely and assisting efforts of Tanzania Society for the Prevention and Cruelly to Animals – TSPCA.
• To carry out any other initiatives pertaining to the achievement of the aims of the Foundation
• To organize awareness campaigns on policy reforms.
• To create and promote art work through different social campaigns.

The main objectives of the Association are:
• Open up anti poaching training camps on the outskirts of the national parks and private game reserves, where we will have professional Game Rangers doing extensive Anti Poaching training.
• We will only hire people living close to the national parks and game reserves (as it shows that its where the organized crime gangs often hire their workers), making sure that we pay them enough so that they dont need to involve themselves in something illegal.
• We will actively support every village that participates in the Anti Poaching project with incentives, ensuring that the village counsel is supporting our cause.
• We will also on a monthly basis have lectures in the participating villages, with ethics, wildlife, English, ecology and agriculture as our main subjects.
• To solve global environmental problems, such as climate change, loss of endangered species

Kunze Mswanyama is a Chairperson at Habari Development Association (HAD).

For other net participants we can offer an procure expert information in the field of Media consultants and publicity.