MedSted Nepal

Innovative medical minds working for uplifting social health status

P.O.Box: 12521, Mitrapark

Ansprechpartner: Trilok Shrivastava



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Über uns

MedSted Nepal is a nepalese non-government, non-profit socio-medical volunteering organization that aims high to achieve improvement of health status of the people who are suffering from its deprivation due to natural calamities, lack of reach of health facility, poverty and lack of awareness and health education.
Its active members work as medical volunteers in various health camps, blood donations, medical seminars etc. It also focuses on medical research work which enhances Science to improve its knowledge for the betterment of medical treatment for the future generation. Established lately in 2012 August, it comprises of nine executive medical students that organize and participate in various socio-medical programs.

• To serve as an aid in the increase and normalizing of health standard nationally and internationally.
• To conduct research programs which benefit medical science in the future.
• To help other medical organizations, hospitals in their programs.
• To help with medical seminars, research works etc.
• To conduct health programs locally and in rural areas.
• To organize blood donation camps.
• To conduct health awareness programs in rural, health-education deprived areas
• To organize first-aid camps

• Interactive talk program regarding heart diseases and their prevention at Tewa.
• Awareness program on heart diseases affecting women at Sathi Shelter
• Talk program regarding cardiac diseases at Maiti Nepal
• Blood donation at College of Biomedical Engineering & Applied Sciences
• Free health check up at Ryale VDC, Kavre
• Retrospective research project on prevalence of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), supported by Infertility Centre, Bijulibazar
• Tuberculosis screening camp at "Sano Sansar" orphanage
• General pediatric check-up, health awareness for primary school children, Vitamin A supplementation program & TB screening program at Mahalaxmi School,

We provide following services to other organizations and individuals:
• Arrangement of health camps, blood donations, screening programs, medical talk programs
• Volunteering in medical programs organized by other organizations such as medical seminars,
• Health camps, blood donations, talk programs, relief operations etc.
• Research work in various medical topics
• Screening programs in various orphanages, old-age homes etc.
• Volunteering and organizing first-aid camps

Trilok Shrivastava is the President of MedSted Nepal.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

Autism Awareness Program and the team
During a health camp
Tuberculosis Screening
Paediatric Health checkup at an orphanage