Jomelos Save Life Organization (JSLO)

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1050 Brussels

Ansprechpartner: Michael Kinful

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  • Sozialpolitik/behinderte Menschen
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Über uns

JOMELOS Save Life Organization (JSLO) is a faith based Christian NGO and non-profit Organization. JSLO has been operating since 2000. We are based in the Western Region of Ghana, and have offices in Europe (Belgium) and USA. JOMELOS is committed to help disadvantaged individuals and families, especially women and children.

We work towards
• improving access to basic education,
• the rights of the child,
• health
for many communities in Ghana. JSLO provides Counselling and other Support Services to women and children, mainly survivors of violence.

JOMELOS works in partnership with local hospitals, church communities, community leaders and volunteers. JOMELOS`S staff members help children deal with their daily issues and questions.

• Sponsorship Program: 150 children are being sponsored by JOMELOS to go to school. We selected these children, who are intelligent but needy, and who are willing to go to school, but were not able to do so because of the school costs. JOMELOS wants to give these children a uniform, school books and other materials, together with the payment of their school fees. Regularly JOMELOS – team members visit the schools, for follow – up of the children, and their teachers. We are looking for people who want to sponsor this project.
• Orphanage Program: Jomelos has purchased a land with the aim of building an orphanage for its Orphans. Only HIV/AIDS has caused more than 170.000 orphans. We want to give some of these children a home full of love and care. Therefore we want to train educators and teachers, to be able to give children a professional education that will raise them in Christian based and good educative principles. The orphanage will be situated in an educative environment, with our own school, football field, garden, play ground, canteen, conference hall, etc. Children would be taught handicraft, computer education, mechanics, agriculture and more, in order to take also part in the sustenance of the orphanage, and to be able to practice a good profession after leaving home.
• Training Program: JOMELOS organizes many educative programs for parents, teachers and children. The locations are not always equipped with all the necessary materials. Sometimes we wish we could show educative videos/dvds. It would give our teachings another perspective.

Our aim is not only to provide the children with quality education but to encourage the other children who have talents to be creative. We also want to teach them practical skill such as gardening, cooking, carpentry, painting, sport and others. Jomelos values every talent that the children have.

Michael Kinful is the Founder and Director of the JOMELOS Save Life Organization (JSLO).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.