Women and Children Aids Foundation (WACAF)

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Über uns

Women and Children Aids Foundation (WACAF), founded in 2009, is a Christian NGO / FBOS seeking to help marginalized groups that include the aged, youth, orphans and vulnerable children, women and individuals with disabilities to promote sustainable development in eastern region Uganda. The organization was formed to respond to the increasingly needs of the HIV/AIDS and civil wars between 1986-2003 in the North East of Uganda.

WACAF mission is dedicated to work towards and ensuring the rural grass-roots of marginalized and the most vulnerable affected by war, poverty, disease, discrimination.

We promote
• access to best health care,
• fundamental human rights education,
• fight against and prevention of drug abuse and child trafficking among the youth,
• access to safe and clean water, sanitation, adequate shelter,
• the right to food security.

We work with the community to bring development and poverty eradication to the households through transformation.

Organizational Strategic Approach
• Partnership Development: WACAF promotes partnership development with relevant government sectors, faith ministries, and other development actors in strengthening effective, coordinated implementation and support in its program areas.
• Community Strengthening: WACAF builds the capacity of structures at all levels of society in order to increase their responsiveness and effectiveness in addressing the needs of communities.
• Policy Analysis: WACAF designs and conducts participatory community assessments, research, and evaluations pertaining to our program areas. These findings are disseminated and used to identify policy making gaps and inform policy development.
• Awareness-Raising: WACAF raises community awareness and enlightenment in our program areas in order to increase knowledge, civic competency, and community responsiveness.
• Advocacy: in advocacy WACAF emphasis to facilitates effective and participatory advocacy and community activism in order to increase demand for social services and improve humanitarian mechanisms of accountability.

• Child sponsorship for disadvantaged children,
• Widows and women empowerment program,
• Community development,
• Vocational trainings
• Child feeding program,
• Primary health care programs, HIV/AIDS care and counseling,
• Agricultural production,
• Sports program, music and drums program,
• Child care and protection.

David Olupot is Contact Person and Staff of Women and Children Aids Foundation (WACAF).

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.