Mountain Area Preservation Foundation (MAPF)

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Über uns

The Mountain Area Preservation Foundation (MAPF) is a grass-roots non-profit working since 1987 whose mission is to preserve the Truckee region´s community character and the natural environment for present and future generations.

The goals of Mountain Area Preservation Foundation are to:
• Preserve and protect open space in the Truckee region through collaboration, education, and stewardship for future generations.
• Sustain the authentic community character of the Truckee region, by protecting the diversity of the environment, culture, and economy.
• Advocate for responsible land use decisions and smart growth in the Truckee region.

• Canyon Springs DEIR (Draft Environmental Impact Report) Meeting: Members of the public are encouraged to attend the meeting to learn about the proposed project and its environmental impacts.
• Canyon Springs Neighborhood Meeting: An informational meeting let by the Town´s Environmental Impact Report (EIR) consultant, The Planning Center/DC&E, to learn about the upcoming release of Canyon Springs Draft EIR.
• Preserving Donner Summit: Preserve this biologically vital and awe-inspiring landscape that serves as a source of water for the Truckee, American, and Yuba rivers.
• Preserved McGlashan Springs: Old growth cedar groves and historic charcoal kilns on 160 acres, by persuading Truckee Donner PUD to place a conservation easement on the land prior to selling.
• Connecting the Landscape – Martis Valley to Mount Rose: Working to preserve 6,700 acres that would connect Mount Rose Wilderness to Martis Valley, for open space, recreation, & wildlife protection.
• Trout Creek Pocket Park: A small park proposed in historic downtown Truckee to revitalize and enhance this long forgotten green space while protecting Truckee´s natural resources, specifically Trout Creek.
• Preserving Open Space in eastern Truckee - Canyon Springs: Preserve 285 acres along the eastern town limits where a 185 unit residential development is being proposed. The landscape is a migratory corridor for deer that fawn at Waddle Ranch.
• Cold Stream Planned Community PC1: .A proposed development of 345 houses and 70,000 sf. of commercial space next to Donner Memorial State Park. We are recommending smaller housing units, lodging rather than commercial space, restoration of Cold Creek, public trails, and native green spaces.

Alexis Ollar is the Executive Director of the Mountain Area Preservation Foundation (MAPF).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.