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Über uns

DOPPS BirdLife Slovenia is a national, non-profit, non-governmental organisation (NGO) that was established in 1979. Since then, DOPPS has brought together over 1,000 members from all parts of Slovenia to help preserving and enhancing Slovenia´s diverse bird populations and nature. We employ 22 people and manage 3 nature reserves. DOPPS holds a special status of acting in public interest in the field of nature conservation and environmental protection.

The mission of DOPPS is to protect birds and their habitats through conservation work, research, education, popularisation and co-operation with other non-governmental and governmental organisations. While working for birds’ protection we enhance ecosystem services and entire society benefits.

DOPPS is a partner of BirdLife International in Slovenia. Through the partnership a lot of knowledge, know-how and conservation tools are gained as well as strong international support is provided.

Key Activities
• Preparation of a new breeding birds atlas for Slovenia
• Implementation and conservation activities of Natura 2000 network ( IBA/SPA designation & revision in Slovenia, precise definition of boundaries, detailed studies of the sites, communication activities)
• Nature conservation activities (creation of nature reserves, reserve management, conservation actions for volunteers, conservation fieldwork),
• Species monitoring programme (monitoring of selected species in SPAs and species of conservation concern, ecological research, publication of results, e.g. Important Bird Areas – IBA - monographs)
• Education work (Acrocephalus, Svet ptic magazine, Leaflets, lectures, guided excursions, educational camps, supporting activities of the society’s youth branch)
• Popularisation of ornithology and nature-conservation (PR, public events)

Recent Achievements
• Third IBA inventory finished
• Became the official manager of Skocjan Bar Nature Reserve, the first time ever that a NGO in Slovenia has been awarded a management licence over a protected area
• Two finished LIFE projects (Restoration of Skocjan Bay and long term protection of the Corncrake in Slovenia) and two LIFE+ projects in progress (Preparatory inventory and activities for the designation of marine IBAs and SPAs for Phalacrocorax aristotelis desmarestii in Slovenia, Riparian Ecosystem Restoration of the Lower Drava River in Slovenia). In all DOPPS is coordinating beneficiary.

Damijan Denac is the Director of DOPPS - BirdLife Slovenija.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

education - lesson for youth
research - monitoring of birds
volunteering - cleaning the river banks for Sand Martin