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Über uns

SAFER WORLD is a private independent international internet-information-network
Here you will find information about links between poisoning and disease, environmental health and environmental illnesses, CI (Chemical Injuries), pollution, preventive thinking and activities for a safer environment.

SAFER WORLD is against

Panicmongering, frustration, destructive criticism, repression, unreasonableness, resignation, profit-seeking, intolerance, defamation, irresponsibility, stultification, indolence, excessive egoism, further damages to health, further pollution of the environment, further destruction of the environment.


Public information and better insight into the interrelation between pollution (chemical, radioactive, electromagnetic and noise pollution) and illnesses, reduction of pollutants, a better quality of life, international solidarity, a higher sense of responsibility ( for yourself, for others and for future generations), a fair dialogue, worldwide networking, sensible changes, research into causes, preventive thinking, better health, assisting people with pollution-induced and other illnesses in their daily lives, and last but not least for the ecological rights of children.

SAFER WORLD wants to try

• spread information across borders
• create a network of all environmentally interested people and above all
• encourage people to stand up for a healthier environment and a safer world.

Chemical, radioactive and electromagnetic strains , big business and the money market know no bounds. It is necessary to do activities across the borders.

For other net participants I can offer expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of my work.