Pamoja International Voluntary Service


Buruburu Phase 3, P.O. Box 58093 - 00200
58093 Nairobi

Ansprechpartner: Muchangi, Limkin

+254 - 20 - 3555380


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Über uns

Pamoja International Voluntary Services (PIVS) is a non-profit, community-based organization (C.B.O.) without any political or religious affiliation. PIVS coordinates local and international work camps and mid and long term volunteer programs with community groups or institutions in need of voluntary labour/services to empower community self-help initiatives. PIVS is set in an African traditional way of life thus focusing on its vision to improve the people's way of life by working with them from grass root levels.

Mission: We are not fearful of any challenges and therefore exist to enable our members and other people to critically analyze and initiate remedies, which will continuously empower us to realize sustainable long-term community empowerment and development.


- To organize, prepare and coordinate local and international work camps and youth exchange programs in collaboration with other community-based organizations (C.B.O.), non-governmental organizations (N.G.O), government and other players in the civil society.
- To promote the spirit of voluntary service amongst the local youth and women by engaging them in community development initiatives/projects and income-generating activities.
- To promote joint programs with other organizations or networks on issues of mutual concern for socio-economic development in Kenya and the outside world.
- To facilitate capacity building among our members and communities by organizing training workshops in areas of resource mobilization, leadership and organization development.
- To raise, mobilize funds and other necessary resources for the promotion of PIVS objectives and its sustainability.


- Local + International Work Camps
- Medium Term Volunteering
- Internship
- Educational Tourism

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Further we can deliver a lecture, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.