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Über uns

Low-Impact Living Initiative (LILI) is a not-for-profit organisation, founded in 2001. We are based at Redfield Community (founded 1978) in Buckinghamshire. We help people to understand the damage that human impact is causing to our planet, to change aspects of their lives to lower their own impact, and at the same time save money and improve their quality of life.

Why we do it?

The world is an incredibly beautiful place. It is also a complex and diverse place; billions of years of evolution have resulted in a perfect balance between its atmospheric and hydrological systems, its plants, animals and its soil. In just a few thousand years, the impact of human activity is threatening its beauty, its diversity, and ultimately its ability to provide for us. At the beginning of the 21st century, the public is more aware than ever before of the damage that we are inflicting upon our planet, from climate change, soil erosion and habitat destruction to pollution of our air and water, damage to the ozone layer and the exponential increase in the rate of extinctions of species. Each of these has serious implications for human health and global ecology, and in combination, unless things change, they could even threaten the continued survival of the human race itself. We need to change.

We offer weekend and one-day courses, free factsheets, books, online shop, events, forum and eco-advisors.

Dave Darby has taught English in Japan, lived in Ujamaa villages in Tanzania, cycled to Jerusalem and back, and hitch-hiked across the Outback. Dave is our director, looks after the website, factsheets, and helps run some courses. He doesn't have itchy feet any more, and can hardly find his way back home from Aylesbury.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities.