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Über uns

Tangaroa Blue Foundation is an Australian registered charity focused on the health of our marine environment, and coordinates the Australian Marine Debris Initiative, an on-ground network of volunteers, communities, organisations and agencies around the country monitoring the impacts of marine debris along their stretch of coastline.

Since the program started in 2004, more than 2.4 million pieces of marine debris have been removed from the Australian coastline and data on this debris collated and inputted into the Australian Marine Debris Database.

Tangaroa Blue Foundation is able to provide support to communities, organisations, agencies and schools including training, clean up materials and logistical support, educational resources and analysis of the debris they are finding. This feedback has provided valuable data on the types and amounts of marine debris impacting sections of coast and also resulted in communities having real on-ground success stories in the reduction of marine debris impacting their site.

Projects and Campaigns:
• Australian Marine Debris Initiative (AMDI): The Australian Marine Debris Initiative is a network of communities, schools, industries, government agencies and individuals focused on reducing the amount of marine debris washing into our oceans. The Australian Marine Debris Initiative includes: Marine debris and beach clean up events; On-going marine debris monitoring programs; Presentations on the marine debris issue; Workshops on mitigation strategies on marine debris; The Australian Marine Debris Database; Educational resources and clean up materials; CyberTracker training and data collection methods
• The Australian Marine Debris Initiative works closely with Indigenous Land and Sea Rangers around Australia. These Indigenous Rangers have a strong connection and intimate knowledge of their land and sea country as well as being involved in the day to day management of their local environment. Tangaroa Blue Foundation provides support to Land and Sea Ranger units including clean up materials, training in data collection methodology with CyberTracker and Data Collection Sheets, educational resources to support Junior Ranger Programs, logistical support in the removal and disposal of marine debris and the creation of local management plans addressing marine debris.
• Campaigns against plastic waste include reduction strategies on weather balloons, plastic bags, plastic resin pellets , etc. from ending up in the ocean.
• The Sea Store: The Sea Store is Tangaroa Blue Foundation´s online store where products, clothes and items are available to purchase and donations received, that will help protect the oceans. All money raised through the sale of these items will go straight towards the projects that Tangaroa Blue Foundation organise.

Heidi Taylor is the Managing Director of Tangaroa Blue Foundation.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

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