Zimbabwe Institute of Systemic Therapy

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Über uns

The name CONNECT implies, that it wants people to be connected to each other to make its families and the earth a better place to live on. CONNECT (Zimbabwe Institute of Systemic Therapy) is a welfare organization established 1984, to practice and develop the systemic approach to counselling in a Zimbabwean context. CONNECT was established by a small group of professionals, who felt the need to have a place where the systemic approach could be explored, practised and developed for the Zimbabwean context. The aim of this was not only to introduce new and readily applicable concepts to the helping professions in Zimbabwe, but also to bridge the gap between counselling services offered by the overstretched social welfare and private psychologists.


- to provide counselling for low income families in Zimbabwe and neighbouring countries in order to overcome a wide variety of social problems,
- to train a broad range of health, social service and community workers in family counselling and systemic management techniques,
- to offer consultancy services to communities and organisations in the application of systems theory solving social problems and promoting positive change,
- to develop through research and evaluation, indigenous therapeutic, management and training techniques and materials.

CONNECT is committed to the development of human relationships within families, organizations and communities through: training, counselling and consultancy, following the systemic approach in a gender and culturally sensitive manner, that is its mission.

Mr. Dennis Mudede is the director of the Zimbabwe Institute of Systemic Therapy.

For other net participants we can procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.