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Über uns

In the absence of an energy chapter in Agenda 21, HELIO International has undertaken to assess and monitor the contribution of energy systems to an improved quality of life and to check the implementation of environmental Conventions and principles. HELIO´s mission is to report its findings to key energy decision-makers and society at large.

Sustainable Energy Watch (SEW) constitutes the core activity of HELIO International. Its role is to monitor national and regional energy policies and activities and to assess their contribution to sustainable development. HELIO International uses its team of energy experts around the world to prepare country reports according to specific guidelines and indicators resulting in both a quantitative and qualitative assessment of a country´s energy policies.

Based on these reports, regional trends are identified and from which a global report is prepared. The global report provides a tool to help policy- and decision-makers understand more clearly the global inter-linkages and implications of energy policies on society and the environment. In addition to providing yearly reports, the SEW Team could further use its assessment and monitoring abilities to provide decision- and policy-makers with information on tools fitting new visions of the future and on means of achieving them. SEW can contribute to better global governance by providing a "control panel" showing where present policies are leading us and by researching what can be done to redress the course.

Focused on environmental protection, Helio International has produced widely used educational material. Pierre Beaudouin has produced a video about opinions on the impact of globalization and so-called "sustainable development" in Johannesburg in 2002. The film is made available in English and French and can, for example, be used for school discussions.

Pierre Beaudouin is one of the members of Helio International.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.