Recycled Island Foundation

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3032CK Rotterdam

Ansprechpartner: Iris Overeem

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We offer the solution to clean rivers from floating plastic.

Über uns

Recycled Island Foundation is a non-profit organization from the Netherlands. In 2014, we started to make proposals on how to deal with plastic pollution in rivers.

More than 80% of floating plastic in seas and oceans comes from land sources. We developed a solution to prevent plastic in rivers from entering the open sea.

Our approach is a combination of the retrieval of floating plastic in rivers with Litter Traps and cleanups, creating circular products and educating people.

What we do
• Litter Traps: We developed Litter Traps to retrieve floating plastic in rivers, canals, and harbors before it enters seas and oceans. The Litter Traps effectively retrieve marine litter without using any energy. The Traps are made with recycled plastics, to give new value to the plastics we are taking out of the waterways. We offer all-in-one packages to implement Litter Traps in rivers worldwide.
• Circular products: Besides Litter Traps, we saw other possibilities of using plastic as building material for new products, for example Floating Parks and 3D-printed sofas. The floating parks stimulate ecosystems and biodiversity in harbors with the added vegetation. Animals can find here shelter and a place to breed. The sofas raise awareness about the plastic pollution problem, and about the possibilities of creating circular products.
• Education: With our education and awareness program, we strive to educate people on the topic of plastic pollution. We believe plastic pollution can be reduced by changing the behavior of individuals, communities, and organizations. Our education program can be adjusted to the group we will be working with. The program could include a visit to the floating park, guest lectures, presentations, discussions, and can be combined with a cleanup.
• Cleanups: Together with volunteers, we clean river banks from marine debris.

From our locations in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and Bern (Switzerland), we work on the prevention, awareness, education, retrieval, and reuse of marine litter.

Iris Overeem is the International Relations Coordinator of the Recycled Island Foundation.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

Litter Trap for river plastics
Floating park made from recycled plastics