Integrated Community Development Initiative (ICODI)

Creating Better Lives

Block 1, 8C Rwebikona United Traders Building Mbarara- Bushenyi High way; Po Box 557

Ansprechpartner: Kato Ssekah Abdu


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Über uns

Integrated Community Development Initiative (ICODI) is a non profit making Community Based Organization (CBO) whose main aim is to reduce on the high levels of famine, poverty and poor health among the rural poor communities in Uganda.

Our vision
A community empowered in self reliance in social and economic aspects.

Our mission
To work with and through individuals and communities to improve on the economic, health and social well being of the rural and urban poor communities in Uganda.

• Reduce on the high levels of food insecurity and poverty that is affecting both the rural and the urban poor communities in Uganda.
• Improve on the health standards and social welfare of the rural and urban poor communities with their full participation.
• Reduce on the high levels of illiteracy among the rural and urban poor people in Uganda.

• To train and support the rural and urban poor to start small sustainable income generating activities in order to reduce on food insecurity and poverty.
• To promote better health conditions in the rural and urban poor communities through extending HIV/AIDS, Malaria and TB awareness, prevention and control Initiatives.
• To support the rural and urban poor families, schools in ways of reducing on high levels of illiteracy among children and youth.
• To carry out research for organizational operational and learning purposes.

• Empowering Women and Youth through Vocational Skills Training Project (EWeYVST): ICODI partnered with Mbarara Business and Vocational Institute and Mbarara Institute for Social Development to train a total of 124 beneficiaries who included disadvantaged youth and women in rural and semi-urban communities as well as women in prisons in Mbarara District-South Western Uganda. The beneficiaries were trained in Liquid soap and candle making, making African sandals, hand bags, wallets and other crafts products; they were also trained in hair dressing, tailoring, welding, carpentry and joinery, Tie and die making for clothes and other relevant vocational skills.
• Youth Empowerment Program (YEP): YEP project empowers rural community youth in different social and economic aspects. So far the program has trained 418 youth in modern agricultural techniques, record keeping, money saving skills, marketing skills, communications skills, team work and problem solving skills among others.
• Project Management Skills for Primary and Secondary School Teachers and Administrators (PMASPAST-Project): The ultimate purpose was to enable the teachers and administrators to possess knowledge and skills in project management such that they can transfer the same knowledge and skills to their students through integrating project management learning in the schools’ curriculum and also enable them to train other stake holders like other youth, parents, other educators and community members.

Kato Ssekah Abdu is the Executive Director of the Integrated Community Development Initiative (ICODI).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.