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Über uns

The WiderNet Project, a non-profit service organization based at the University of Iowa, is improving digital communications to all communities and individuals around the world in need of educational resources, knowledge and training.

Composed of a staff experienced with work in Africa, India, Haiti, international developmental studies, and technology, the WiderNet Project is building a digital bridge between the University of Iowa and institutions around the globe.

Launched in 2000, The WiderNet Project distributes millions of digital library materials via the innovative eGranary Digital Library, trains computer technicians, coaches decision-makers, provides cutting-edge research on information technology for the developing world, and donates computer equipment to partner institutions.

The WiderNet Project provides a comprehensive approach to ICT in developing nations with these programs:
• eGranary Digital Library — Developing and distributing a digital library that provides Internet resources off-line to institutions lacking adequate Internet access. This innovative project downloads millions of pages from the Internet onto hard drives, that are then installed on Web servers across the developing world, giving schools low-cost access to much of the world´s knowledge.
• Decision Maker Program — Providing technical, financial and organizational coaching for high-level administrators/decision makers who are installing their institution’s first ICT infrastructure. By serving as advocate and coach, this program assists its partners in gaining expertise to be ‘second time buyers´ of ICT the first time they buy.
• Technical Training Program — Training computer technicians by using low-cost `on-seat´ training methods so that each participating institution can train multiple technicians to install and maintain their computers and networks.
• Computer Donation Program — Collecting, repairing and shipping used computer and networking hardware to scale access to computers in laboratories and classrooms.
• University Linkages Program — Breaking down the digital divide with partners by broadening the teaching and research opportunities for both continents.
• Courses Program — Offering courses on issues relating to computers and networks in developing countries. Correspondence courses are offered on such topics as the benefits of teaching via the Internet and the digitization of library materials.

Cliff Missen ist he Founder of The WiderNet Project.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.