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Über uns

Naturalist For You (NFY) is a non-profit, public benefit corporation.

Mission: Connecting everyone to local wilderness!

Our vision is to preserve the ecological integrity of our local natural areas through community outreach and stewardship.

Our programs are meant to be entertaining and educational. We understand that the human and natural communities are connected. Therefore, tours are designed to avoid negative impacts, such as habitat destruction, wildlife injury, erosion, and various forms of pollution. In addition to preserving a high level of respect for our natural surroundings, your comfort and safety are our highest priorities.

NFY was created to connect you, the public, to the diverse natural areas in your backyard. As naturalists we possess a broad knowledge and understanding of the natural world. We are trained to observe natural processes and interpret their significance for your benefit. We are passionate about wild places and seek to share that passion with you.

We primarily conduct programs on publicly-owned land, such as the national forests, state parks, and county parks.
We also provide exclusive access to private preserves owned by local land trusts. Many of our local natural areas are vast, beautiful, and mysterious, but rarely visited by the majority of our population. We want to encourage you to explore these priceless treasures. Every positive experience we share in nature brings us closer to preserving it for future generations.

Programs are designed as themed interpretive hikes or walks. There are regular opportunities for rest, hydration, meals, and observation of surroundings. Stationary presentations (classroom, neighborhood, nature center/museum, etc.) are available upon request. Do you need a professional naturalist to conduct an entertaining and educational nature tour or presentation for your organization, agency, club, family, or group? Naturalist For You provides hikes, walks, stationary presentations, and even mountain bike rides in the following areas of interest:
• Plants & Wildlife: Identify dazzling wildflowers. Wander through aromatic shrublands, lush woodlands, and cool creeks. Watch curious creatures employ unique adaptations to survive. Learn how you can give back to nature.
• Cultural History: Travel back in time to when Native American tribes understood how to survive in their natural environment. Find out what plants and animals were used for medicine, food, and/or materials. Uncover ancient traditions amidst a tranquil setting.
• Everything Tour: A wide range of topics, including natural and cultural history, ecology, geology, etc.
• Specialty Tours - Tailored to your specific interest(s): Birds; Scavenger Hunt; Storytelling; Music in Nature; Meditation; Watersheds; Reptiles; Botany; Family; Easy, Moderate, Strenuous

Joel Robinson is the Founder, Executive Director, and head naturalist for Naturalist For You (NFY).

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.