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Über uns

The Grand Canyon Trust was established in 1985 by Arizona Governor Bruce Babbitt and other leading conservationists as a national trust for projects in the Grand Canyon. Trustee Stewart Udall made an impassioned plea that issues do not stop at the boundaries of the Park, and the Trust should be an advocate for both the Grand Canyon and the surrounding Colorado Plateau. The suggestion was adopted and Grand Canyon Trust emerged as a leading regional conservation organization, with offices across the Plateau and extensive connections among policymakers, land managers, scientists, and community leaders.

The mission of the Grand Canyon Trust is to protect and restore the Colorado Plateau — its spectacular landscapes, flowing rivers, clean air, diversity of plants and animals, and areas of beauty and solitude.

We work toward creating a region where generations of people and all of nature can thrive in harmony. Our vision for the Colorado Plateau 100 years from now has three key facets:
• The region is still characterized by vast open spaces with restored, healthy natural areas and habitat for all native plants and animals.
• Human communities enjoy a sustaining relationship with the natural environment.
• People who live and visit here are willing, enthusiastic stewards of the region´s natural resources and beauty.

We are working to
• Improve the management of public lands
• Provide a voice for wilderness and wild and scenic river designation
• Lead the development of large forest restoration projects
• Support archaeological preservation projects
• Manage and carry out volunteer habitat restoration work
• Advocate for renewable energy sources such as wind and solar generation
• Facilitate sustainable economic development and social justice projects with Native American communities

• Grand Canyon Projects: Colorado River Management; Uranium Mining; Water Supply; Natural Quiet
• Utah Projects: Canyonlands Campaign; Wildlands Protection; Forest Restoration; Energy Development; Uranium Mining; National Monuments; State Trust Land Reform; Invasive Species
• Arizona Projects: Forest Restoration; State Trust Land Reform
• Native America Projects; Community-Based Development; Renewable Energy
• Plateau-Wide Projects: Air Quality; Renewable Energy
• Kane & Two Mile Projects: Conservation-oriented livestock management; Restoration Initiatives; Kaibab Vermilion Cliffs Heritage Alliance (KVCHA) Preserving, Protecting and Interpreting the Cultural Resources of the Arizona Strip

Richard Mayol is the Director of Communications of the Grand Canyon Trust.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

The Grand Canyon Trust works to protect public lands and Native American culture on the Colorado Plateau.