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Über uns

Mentor a Child Foundation (MCF) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded by young people living within and outside The Gambia. We are committed to providing useful resources for students in making informed decision about their career choices.
We organize seasonal training for teachers from various schools and institutions on mentorship.
In Addition, students enrolled on our mentorship program are provided with day visit opportunities to different institutions in line with our career sensitization initiative as well as the being able to shadow other professionals in their field of study/work for first-hand work experience, all to aid their decision on career choices.
Mentor a Child Foundation (MCF) was incorporated 2013 as a charitable organization/foundation.

Our mission is to create and provide an expansive, unparalleled and career led mentoring program to catalyze positive educational transformations. These are necessary to improve the world for students to progress, advance and acquire all the educational, mentoring and career exposure to make informed decision on their chosen/aspired career path. We hope to achieve our expected targets by building positive relationship with schools and institutions within the Gambia and putting the best interest of students at the forefront of our mentoring service delivery and outreach programs.

Our vision is to see a positive change in schools and homes and a shift in the way the educational bodies in schools assume their responsibility towards student development and high academic achievement. In addition, we believe that establishing partnership and working relationship with various organizations and institutions who embrace and share our goals , for they can be a source for motivation and support for us to achieve our objectives.

Aims and Objectives: Every child needs a better plan for the future
• Sensitizing school children in The Gambia on careers options, by having MCF clubs in different schools
• Running a mentorship program geared towards helping students with knowledge and guidance to make informed decision on career path
• Planning and executing career oriented school events and workshops with professionals from different backgrounds to provide insights from their industrial background
• Day training for teachers on mentoring of students and academic development
• Providing students with visits to institutions such as medical health facilities, banking and finance, and law firms, to gain first-hand experience on the dynamics and challenges of the profession

• MCF, a youth-led organisation based in Brikama, recently convened a training workshop for Teachers on the theme "The importance of mentoring in education and career planning"
• MCF in partnership with Salimatou Foundation for Education (SaFE) launched a career development program, targeting students from grade 7 to 9.
• MCF has successfully launched MCF school club at Kabafita Upper Basic School in Brikama
• MCF embarked on a school sensitisation on career development planning, whereby, emphasising the important role of MCF

Sanusi Drammeh is the Director and Executive Director of the Mentor a Child Foundation (MCF).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.