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Über uns

NIZHAL (shade) is a trust to promote concern for trees in the city, which was registered in September 2005.

The idea was to bring about awareness on the role of trees in our lives and on the need to plant, propagate and care for trees for the benefit of all.

Nizhal´s vision is to be an effective catalyst in greening urban areas, with a special focus on regenerating biodiversity.

The Mission of Nizhal is to promote tree culture in urban areas, to create awareness of the role of trees, planting the right kind of trees and caring for trees, through collaborative efforts.

Nizhal has been actively involved in various greening activities around the city, has conducted several tree walks, tree surveys and "free the tree" campaigns. Nizhal has also conducted awareness sessions for schools, colleges and varied citizen groups.

Nizhal´s three main goals are:
• to preserve biodiversity.
• to strengthen the bond between people and nature.
• to promote awareness of trees and sensitivity to the trees around us.

Activities and events:
• Orientation programmes for Corporates and Students
• Asoka Vanam at KTP( Kotturpuram Tree Park)- Setting up and nurturing a unique grove of endangered Asoka ( Saraca asoka) trees, as a landmark!
• Shramdaan / community gardening/ volunteering at the Kotturpuram Tree Park
• Therapeutic gardening and horticulture for students
• FTCs –Free the Tree Campaigns across the city
• Compilation of book on Landmark Trees of Chennai- a clarion call to protect our green heritage
• E book on the tree biodiversity of KTP- More than a hundred species identified, documented and photographed .
• Shramdaan/ volunteering at Madhavaram/ Chitlappakkam/ Ashok Nagar/ Perungudi Tree Parks
• Tree walks for Students, Public and Corporates, across the city
• Seed Collection and Sapling collection drives
• Green Prisons program at Puzhal.

Shobha Menon is the Founder Trustee of NIZHAL.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.