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Über uns

Promise Worldwide is a nonprofit organization founded in 2001 and dedicated to providing hope, opportunity and sustainabililty to underprivileged women and children. We believe that education is a means for economic stability, as well as social progress. Promise Charitable Trust a part of Promise Worldwide is currently involved in a number of projects in and around the metropolitan city of Kolkata in eastern India. Promise Worldwide is a registered non profit in the US and a registered trust in India.

To increase the standard of living of disadvantaged communities in the world, and help build self-respect, improve health and well being, as well as provide opportunities for education and economic development.

To help impoverished women and children from the slums of the world. We provide them with the skills, tools and education to improve their quality of life and reverse the cycle of poverty and death, so that they can transform themselves into successful, independent citizens. We build sustainable programs for providing food, shelter and medical assistance that helps reduce hunger, child abuse, unwanted births, diseases and create a sense of hope for them.

• India Independance Day Celebration
• Kamarpota Project: Kamarpota is a very small village with a population of 1082 and 75 families. 60% of the children are from minority groups while rest are scheduled caste and general. 6 teachers provide education to 120 children from this community in Shri Ramkrishna Shishu Vidya Mandir school. Promise Charitable Trust is proud to support this education initiative from August 2014.
• Atghara Project: Atghara Sanhati Kendra a non-profit organization has been trying to address this issue and has been partially successful in sending some children to school and also helping the older family members to acquire some skills for their livelihoods. Promise Worldwide has taken them under its wings and is funding their projects partially.
• Bisweswarpur Project: Bisweswarpur Ankur Human Welfare Society has been working for the people of Bisweswar pur including surrounding villages running a non-formal education centre. Promise Charitable Trust is supporting this project.
• Self-Sustaining Project for Women in Nawabpur: Started in Oct 2008, this project for rural women in Nawabpur has a success story with active participation from Sinko Corp, USA which has agreed to market 10,000 units of the product (a specific kind of hand-knitted dish cloth) that the women are involved in making.
• Sundarban Project: Sundarban consists of a number of Islands (Archipelago). The islands are very remote and some are not even habited and those that are lack the basic facilities like electricity and tap water. The livelihood of the population is agriculture and fishing. A non-profit organization called the Shibnagar Community Development Society has taken up the daunting task of an overall socio economic development that would benefit all the people old and young living there. Promise has joined hands with them to make this all a reality.
• Nawabpur Childrens Project: The school in Nawabpur has 400 odd children, offering both morning and evening classes. In addition to the classes, training is also offered in dance, music, yoga, drawing and crafts. The West Bengal board of primary education recently donated books for this school in English, Bengali and Mathematics. Keeping in mind the educational needs of the children of Promise, for the past year a literacy initiative has been established by the University of Texas at Arlington, Texas. The graduate students at the university uses Skype as a teaching medium and helps the kids in the slums of Kolkata half way across the globe to learn the spoke English Language using quality bilingual picture books.
• Srirampur Child Guidance Center: School for mentally handicapped, hearing impaired, autistic children.

Jaya Basu is the President of Promise Worldwide.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.