Surmang Foundation

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Ansprechpartner: Weingrad, Lee

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  • Hilfsorganisation
  • Gemeinschaft, Gemeindeprojekt
  • Sozialpolitik/behinderte Menschen

Über uns

Surmang provides a window into all rural Tibetan and Chinese life. It is not only one of the poorest regions in China; it is one of the poorest in the world. Surmang Foundation’s efforts support the acute needs of the extremely poor and remote peoples of Western China and in particular the far-flung Surmang region.

Surmang Foundation was the first NGO in Qinghai, Province, in a place where people earn less that ¥1/day (US 14¢). In this vast, remote, ecologically pristine area, Surmang Foundation has provided free medical care to over 70,000 patients since its clinic building opened its doors in 1996.

Staffed by two ethnic Tibetan doctors, this clinic is among China's first regional medical centers. Due to very high maternal and infant mortality, the Surmang Clinic specializes in mother and child health. It is a model for rural health with a per-patient cost of about US.

This model is being prototyped across 30 other locations in the far-flung region of the ultra-poor in China, the 30 million who make less than ¥1/day (US 14¢). That project is called amara: the china rural health alliance (

Surmang Foundation and Amara are both incorporated in the US, tax-exempt under section 501 (c)3 of the IRS code, and are registered in China (Surmang Clinic Charitable Association).

For other net participants we can offer expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, deliver a lecture and procure expert information in the field of our work.