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Über uns

Family Bonds Foundation, founded 2016, is a registered Zimbabwean community based not for profit, non-partisan Trust. It was created to address the huge crises that our society is facing today – the breakdown of a strong family unit in Zimbabwe.
As such, Family Bonds Foundation was established to inculcate positive family values as we believe that the family unit is the cornerstone of society and if the family environment is stable, safe and a happy one, it will contribute to the wholesome growth and development of a person. A strong family unit will generate wholesome children who in themselves become wholesome members of society.

Help children and youth coming from broken families and abusive backgrounds to find wholesomeness and overcome their background through equipping them with life skills that will enable them to be successful members of society.

Our work
Coaching Clinics:
• The organization conducts coaching clinics with children and youth to discuss issues that affect them positively and negatively in their day to day living. Some of the topics discussed include: Dealing with grief and bereavement; Rights and responsibilities; Personality and identity; Believing in yourself and self-discovery; Values and taking control; Goal setting, priority and taking control; Drugs, alcohol and partying; Career chances and choices; Grooming and deportment.
• We also conduct Coaching Clinics with parents’ on parenting issues and other issues to give them skills and the know-how to build a strong family unit.
Psychosocial Support:
• We strive for the emotional and social aspects of a child´s life, so that they can live with hope and dignity.
• Children and youth exposed to the devastating effects of poverty, conflict, HIV and AIDS are especially entitled to care for their emotional and social (psychosocial) wellbeing. Many have lost parents and family, experienced deprivation and abuse, been stigmatized, witnessed atrocities, and suffered overwhelming grief.
• As an organization we provide children and youth psychosocial support through ensuring their meaningful participation in issues affecting them; listening and responding to their problems; allowing them to express their feelings and needs; helping them to appreciate their history and identity; encouraging them to set goals and reach their potential; ensuring that they have positive, nurturing relationships and connections in their lives; Providing them with life skills; Providing them with safe spaces to play and be innovative.
• We also work with families and communities in order to strengthen their ability to provide love, care and protection for their children.
Sexual and Gender Based Violence Awareness (SGBV):
• The objective of this program is to improve services provision and community awareness of services for survivors and victims of sexual assault and domestic violence in Zimbabwe.
• As an organization, in our quest to build social relationships and our intervention on SGBV we conduct community Indaba´s with girls, women and men on issues to do with Violence in the Private Sector and Violence in the Community.
• Some of the multiple expressions of SGBV we look at as an organization include: Intimate partner violence; Rape and assault; Verbal violence; Harmful cultural practices; Prostitution; Early/child marriage

Charlene Gail Taruwona is the Executive Director of the Family Bonds Foundation.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.