Rwanda Environmental Conservation Organisation ( RECOR)

Kigali International Airport Road, POBox: 7001

Ansprechpartner: Jean Chrysostome Sehene,

+250 255 11 05 75; +250 788 43 85 06


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Über uns

RECOR (Rwanda Environmental Conservation Organization) Former Rwanda Wildlife Clubs-RWC is a national non profit making environmental conservation NGO, founded in 2000, which puts much emphasis on environmental education, promotion of the utilization of renewable energy, soil conservation, reforestation and agroforestry promotion and execution, it deals also with water management, wildlife conservation and tourism promotion in the country. It involves community in looking for suitable and sustainable solutions to local environmental challenges in all activities undertaken.

Our vision is to have a country where integrated environmental management offers sustainable livelihoods.

The overall mission is to advocate for and take positive national action on environmental and wildlife challenges.

Specific Objectives
• To educate the population and ensure the sustainable social and economic use of the natural resources.
• To help the public in recognizing the value of conserving wildlife heritage and the environment.
• To promote the scientific study of wildlife and environment.
• To promote Reforestation, agro-forestry, better methods of farming and high value crops.
• To help in promoting and increasing Rwanda´s tourist attraction centres and assist members visit them for educational purposes.
• Promotion of Cooperation with organizations having similar objectives both inside and outside Rwanda.
• To promote the realization of the cultural, recreation and economic values of Rwanda´s natural resources.

All programmes of RECOR are bound in the following focus areas :
• Education for Sustainable development
• Forestry,
• Soil conservation,
• Water and sanitation,
• Renewable and sustainable use of energy,
• Biodiversity conservation,
• Climate change.

Jean Chrysostome Sehene is the Executive Secretary of the Rwanda Environmental Conservation Organisation ( RECOR).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.