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Über uns

The organization Cultural Survival was incorporated in 1972 as a tax-exempt NGO in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Since its inception, Cultural Survival has been at the forefront of the international Indigenous rights movement.
Cultural Survival is a global leader in the fight to protect Indigenous lands, languages, and cultures around the world. In partnership with Indigenous Peoples, we advocate for Native communities whose rights, cultures, and dignity are under threat.

Our work
We partner with Indigenous peoples to
• protect their lands, languages, and cultures;
• educate their communities about their rights; and
• fight against their marginalization, discrimination, exploitation, and abuse.

• Free, Prior and Informed Initative (FPIC): Cultural Survival´s FPIC is strengthening Indigenous Peoples’ capacity to implement Free, Prior and Informed Consent by increasing awareness and understanding of this right through community media and community exchanges.
• Global Response Program: The Global Response program helps stop the destruction of fragile habitats and ecosystems and the Indigenous communities that depend on them when those lands are threatened by mines, logging, and other extractive industries.
• Endangered Languages Program: Indigenous languages carry unique philosophies, histories, ceremonies, and irreplaceable environmental knowledge of biodiversity accumulated over millenia. Our program is partnering with tribes to help develop the resources they need to teach their language to their children, to keep it a living heritage.
• Community Radio Program: Cultural Survival is partnering with Guatemalan nongovernmental organizations to strengthen this network of 175 community radio stations across the country. The stations provide news, educational programming, health information, and traditional music, all reinforcing pride in Mayan heritage.
• Indigenous Artisan Bazaar Program: The Cultural Survival Bazaar Program works to strengthen Indigenous cultures by providing a venue for the sale of art and crafts made by Indigenous artisans.

Agnes Portalewska is the Communications Manager of Cultural Survival.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.