Community Involvement Project

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Ansprechpartner: Powell, Roz

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Über uns

The Community Involvement Project (CIP) is an ongoing working group effort, established in November 1998 to facilitate community "ownership" in sustainability.

The Community Involvement Project can best be seen as a sort of "puppy breeder" for new projects that are in need of formulation planning. Volunteers work on all issues that fall under the umbrella of sustainability, including: empowerment of individuals and development of community self-reliance; sustainable local economic development; food-security; emergency preparedness; sustainable neighbourhoods; and community strengthening at the weakest local societal links. Sometimes CIP will stay involved with the development of a particular project, but mostly the puppy projects grow up and become cared for by their new parents (registered societies, charities or other organized groups.)

CIP exists to build capacity in the community through support for all community sectors: especially not-for-profit groups, low-income and marginalized individuals of all cultures, as well as the activities of businesses that are working towards strengthening our community in critical areas helping to develop a sustainable global and local future. Through community strengthening networks and grassroots organizing (especially, via low-income people) we examine co-operatives, micro-enterprise, alternative media, neighbourhood governance, simple living, enviro-housing, human change and education.

Since 1998 over 260 volunteers, working in various needs assessment and project development focus groups, have created over 160 new and up-coming projects in order to respond to these universally found community needs. The work continues in response to changing global conditions and the needs and influx of stable volunteers.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Further we can establish new contacts in the field of sustainability and social justice.