Jawahar Jyoti Bal Vikas Kendra (JJBVK)

Akhtiyarpur, Uttarayan, Near Govt. Girls High School Kashipur,
848111 Samastipur, Bihar

Ansprechpartner: Surendra Kumar

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+91 6274225385


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Über uns

Jawahar Jyoti Bal Vikas Kendra (JJBVK) is a non political, non-communal and non profitable making voluntary organization established in 1986.

JJBVK is working for socio-economic, educational and cultural development of the most neglected, oppressed, downtrodden and disadvantaged sections of the society. It is a management centre for behavior studies, vocational, environmental training and consultancies for their rights & movement to them for equity and gender just society.

JJBVK is working for integrated development of rural poor, child labour, dropout students, farmers, orphans, and underprivileged & marginalized community. We want to enable them to get their dignified rights which are necessary for human being.

• To organize develop capabilities and train rural peoples and community to improve their position in society through socio-economic activities.
• To work for the empowerment of the most-neglected, oppressed, downtrodden, disadvantaged, underprivileged, marginalized section of the community specially women and children. To work for improving the educational status with in the most neglected and downtrodden community to strengthen them through different education related activity.
• To remove the bad practices like cast discrimination, gender decimation, dowry etc from the community.
• To mobilize community for protecting environment with the help of plantation and natural resource management. At the same also work for the protection wild creatures.
• To trained the farmers through different skills and new scientific agriculture technique and empowering them for improving the livelihood alternative with best agriculture practices.
• To work for the rehabilitation and resettlement of disable & handicapped persons and linked them with government social schemes.
• To promote the renewable sources of energy within the community and provided knowledge about different sources and method of renewable source of energy.

Projects and programs
• Village entry and community meeting for providing information about component of the project. Here, first of all village entry will be done and a community meeting will be organized in each and every village of project area to provide information about the project and its objective.
• Youth information center is a common center place, where youth can get health related and other youth development related information. JJBVK will establish a Youth Information center in every target block, where either health counselor or health co-counselor provides counseling session to all youth on free of cost.
• Film shows and street play on health are an effective tool, which can be used for the community mobilization or community level stakeholder mobilization on any specific issues.
• Emergency support for the community - In the direct support, JJBVK will provide support of vehicle for transportation of patient from rural area to government hospital, fund support and food materials support. At the same time in indirect support JJBVK linked community from government health facility and schemes.
• Package health training program will be vocational training program in which there will be 6 to 12 months module health training program for students and volunteer, who have at least passed high school examination or above. This package health training program helps volunteer for their livelihoods and volunteer helps the community.

Surendra Kumar is the Chief Functionary of Jawahar Jyoti Bal Vikas Kendra (JJBVK).

For other net participants we can procure expert information about our work.