Tanganyika Centre for Development and Advocacy (TCDA)

P.o Box 286, Uhuru Road, Block K 10 Asas Estate: First Floor

Ansprechpartner: Jackson Benedict Kiyeyeu

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Über uns

The Tanganyika Centre for Development and Advocacy (TCDA) is a Tanzanian NGO that aims to promote education, economic, social and cultural development, and environmental conservation. The organisation also aims to lobby for human rights.

• Enhancing quality and learning societies
• Capacity building for societies towards social and economic matters: Constitution and human rights; Enhancing information system
• Environmental conservation and natural resources management: Conserving Natural vegetation of Iringa; Kijani village; Walk n´ pick
• Economic empowerment to the indigenous societies: Conducting training and workshop for entrepreneurship skills; Mindset transformation toward self employments; Empowering cooperation and association; Access for land and food
• Enhancing gender equality and equity to the society: Women leadership empowerment; Advocacy for gender discrimination; Promoting Education on Social relations, early marriages and early pregnancies
• Commemoration of Chief Mkwawa: historic and remarkable event

• Enhance capacity building for transforming agricultural sector from subsistence level to commercialized level, employ new and modern technologies in farming so as to fulfil the demand of food security, reduced migration of youth from rural to urban and reduce conflicts within families.
• Youth are being faced with several challenges such that of unemployment syndrome and inadequate sexual and reproductive health education. The organization in order to solve mentioned problems is optimstic in developing capacity building for youth on "Mindset transformations toward self employment" whereby youth have be prepared physically and mentally for creating their employments rather than waiting for being employed, the emphasis is to utilize the available resources and environments for employing themselves.
• The organization has started for enhancing Sexual and Reproductive Health for youth through two programmes such that; Students Anti Drugs (SAD) and Students Pregnancies Prevention (SPP), both being centred for capacity building on sexual and reproductive health education and creating awareness for the importance and roles of youth in communities.
• Social and Cultural Agenda: Researching and Documentation of various historical and cultural practices of various tribes, Promoting internal tourism, the organization has vital roles for promoting internal tourism and organizing tour studied for volunteers and students. Enhancing Environment care and Natural resources managements

Jackson Benedict Kiyeyeu is the Managing Director at Tanganyika Centre for Development and Advocacy (TCDA).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.