Indus Relief and Development Organization (INDUS)

House No 23, Street 3, Block Y Housing Colony
Layyah, Punjab

Ansprechpartner: Khizar Abbas

+92 3238416112; +92 606 410 134.


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Über uns

INDUS Relief and Development Organization (INDUS), formed in 2010 and registered in 2011 as a CBO operating in Layyah District, is a voluntary, not for profit, Community Based Organization that was formed by persons with a vision to support, unite and promote community development in marginalized and poorest groups.
At the heart of INDUS approach is the idea that communities have ability for self help which has enabled them to survive in harsh environments. A catalyst organization is needed to provide them with technical and material support and social guidance to bring out the latent abilities in the communities.
INDUS serves as a mobilizing, networking, information, advocacy for improved livelihoods, quality health and better education, promoting economic empowerment for community particularly women and youth to improve self-reliance, building their capacities to manage their own income generating activities and intervenes both in situations of disaster and non-disaster for sustainable development of the marginalized population restoring their autonomy in the society.

Our vision is to provide dignity, mutual-respect and rights to the poorest segments of society by promoting community empowerment through socially, culturally, economically productive and sustainable activities.

Our mission is to act as a facilitator in order to make the people aware of their potentials as a force to undertake their development according to their own aspiration and priorities.
The approach is "Village-Based People Centered Action Oriented Sustainable Agriculture & Rural Development".

Our strategy:
We start with a Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA). The PRA is used as communication tool allowing organization to understand the village issues as well as a means by which the villagers themselves can develop Community Action Plan. The focal point is the mobilization of all different interested groups in the village resulting in a consensus on a way forward.

Aim: It is with aim of improving the standard of living of the marginalized groups by promoting sustainable development through provision of socio-economic activities, good health and educational services.

Objectives: INDUS will emphasize to focus on the following objectives:
• Building social capital by mobilizing communities for poverty reduction, livelihoods and sustainable development
• Enhancing individual capacities for leadership; and organizational capacity for internal and external management
• Building resource base of the poor and remove infrastructure constraints utilizing potential existing in communities
• Provide a world class search and rescue operations in a most efficient manner that dramatically reduces lose of life during a calamity
• Enabling communities to link up with providers of social services.

Khizar Abbas is the Vice President and Program Manager of Indus Relief and Development Organization (INDUS).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.