Urban Resource Centre (URC)

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Über uns

The Urban Resource Centre (URC) is a nonprofit organization with main focus to highlight the problems of the city through forums, research and documentation. Arif Hasan is bridging the gap between citizens, development professionals and the government in Pakistan through the Urban Resource Center: A permanent infrastructure and framework for interaction between the three sectors. The Urban Resource Center acts as a platform where people of all economic levels can make their voices heard and be active players in issues that matter to them.

The Urban Resource Centre is a Karachi-based NGO founded in 1989 by teachers, professionals, students, activists and community organizations from low-income settlements. It was set up in response to the recognition that the planning process for Karachi did not serve the interests of low- and lower-middle-income groups, small businesses and informal sector operators and was also creating adverse environmental and socioeconomic impacts.

The Urban Resource Centre has sought to change this through creating an information base Currently, URC’s objectives are:
• To identify and promote research and documentation on major issues in Karachi and to monitor developments and processes related to them.
• To create professionals and activists in the NGO/CBO and government sector who understand planning issues from the point of view of local communities, especially poor ones.

Projects and Programs:
• Awaran Earthquake Rehabilitation Project: In the district Arawan UCR has supported 425 families with roofing materials for their house construction. 29 schemes for water supply were also supported.
• URC holds regular discussion forums on major urban issues; during this period four discussion forums were held on road accidents, role of communities in the development, revitalization of Saddar area and Karachi Mass Transit plan.
• URC continues documentation of public transport issues: currently URC is conducting a study on transport issues of Karachi city.
• URC also compiled report on mobility issues of women in Karachi.
• Karachi Circular railway (KCR) resettlement project
• Eviction Watch and Housing Rights Program
• Youth Training Program
• URC Library
• Facts & Figures (monthly facts sheet): It is a monthly newsletter, containing information on major urban issues, i.e. housing, health, environment, education, urban services, economy and transport.
• The website details a number of issues relevant to urban poverty in Karachi, including eviction, housing, land, transport and population.

Muhammad Younus is the Director of the Urban Resource Centre (URC).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.