Struggle Against Poverty

Plot 1 Nkuutu Lane
128 Kampala, Iganga District

Ansprechpartner: Mukaire Rashid

+256 77 956-0236


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Über uns

Struggle Against Poverty is a Non-Governmental Organization situated in Uganda with the vision of sustainable well-being of women, men, children, youth, elderly and disabled people.

Our mission is to integrate development through community initiatives and our overall goal is to have improved community livelihoods.

Our organizational expertise:
• Adoption / Behavior Change,
• Capacity Building,
• Climate/Environment,
• Gender / Womens Empowerment,
• Health,
• Humanitarian/Emergency Response,
• Livelihoods,
• Policy Development,
• Research

• Clean Cooking Activities: Currently Struggle Against Poverty is fundraising by writing letters of inquiry and proposals to ensure that rural women and girls who are more vulnerable have access to affordable and clean cookstoves as well as gathering data on fuel options and establishing the effects of traditional cooking stoves to rural women´s livelihoods. Struggle Against Poverty would like to participate in the partnership by collecting data on fuel options, costs on production, distribution, consumer preferences and household efficiencies, promoting markets for natural gas and renewable energy sources as well as enhancing development, strengthening supply and fostering marketing of improved clean cookstoves in the rural villages where Struggle Against Poverty is mandated to operate in Eastern part of Uganda.

In 2012, 99% increase in knowledge on the dangers of early pregnancies among 300 primary pupils.70% of the 300 pupils completed at least primary seven from Nambale primary school.

In 2013,40% decrease in illnesses caused by breathing smokes as a result of using traditional cooking stoves among 100 elderly women in Namusis village,
90% increase in the general cleanliness of homesteads and 10% reduction in trachoma related illnesses among the 100 homesteads in Iganga district.

In 2015,75% increase in knowledge on availability and safety usage of female condoms,10% decrease in Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among 300 women.
10% increase in sexual and health rights among 300 women, 5% increase in sexual consent between women and men in Bubogo B Village Namugalwe sub-county Iganga district.

In 2016,99% increase in knowledge on simple water harvesting techniques was obtained, 90% increase in the general cleanliness of homesteads, 10% reduction in trachoma related illnesses among the 100 homesteads and 5% increase in water storage. All these were in Nawanyigi village in Iganga district.

Mukaire Rashid is the Secretary general at Struggle Against Poverty.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.