Movement Against Poverty-Sierra Leone (MAP-SL)

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Sierra Leone

Ansprechpartner: Andrew V. Swaray

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Über uns

Movement Against Poverty-Sierra Leone (MAP-SL) is a Non-governmental Organization; engaged in undertaking social, economic, environmental, infrastructural development, democracy, good governance, and human rights programs country wide. MAP-SL started operation in 2003 as a Community Based Organization (CBO) in the East, North, Southern provinces and Western Area of Sierra Leone respectively. It has now been transformed into a National Non-Governmental Organization (NNGO).

Over the years, we have being engage in implementing agricultural projects, health related activities, implementing and supporting communities on infrastructure development (reconstruction of dwelling houses), provision of basic and adult education for school-going children and adult, and community sensitizations on human rights, democracy and good governance issues.

Mission statement
• Minimize poverty through advocacy, humanitarian and developmental activities.
• Actively support communities in need through a portfolio of development activities which are planned and implemented cooperatively.
• Provide assistance in situations of crisis or chronic distress, and work toward the development of long-term solutions with those affected.
• Work through equitable partnerships with those in need to achieve positive and sustainable change in communities.
• Build networks that develop indigenous capacity, appropriate technology, and skills at all levels.
• Develop and maintain relationships with our partners, which provide effective channels for mutual growth and action.
• Promote peace, good governance and expand the equitable and participatory involvement of women in the development process.
• Advocate for and assist in the increased use of communities capacities to care for and responsibly manage the natural resources of their environment.
• Facilitate the right and ability of all children to attain their full potential, and to assist in assuring the child´s survival to achieve that potential.

Programs and services
MAP-SL programs/projects are designed specifically to include:
• Agriculture and food security,
• Health and sanitation,
• Capacity building,
• Education (formal and non-formal),
• Infrastructural development,
• Communication involves (campaign for gender equality, human right and HIV/AIDS sensitizations programme).

Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation of persons with disabilities in Sierra Leone is a matter of concern. Some charitable national and international non-governmental organizations have been providing support and maintaining institutional facilities for medical, educational and vocational rehabilitations. Though these efforts are important, they can not fully meet the required needs of disabled persons. MAP-SL is supporting disabled children and their education, medication, rehabilitation and other social needs with supports from its partner organizations.

Andrew V. Swaray is the Executive Director of Movement Against Poverty-Sierra Leone (MAP-SL).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.