Mangalpur, Gudriya
845459 Nautan, West Champaran, Bihar

Ansprechpartner: Anjani Shrivastwa

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Über uns

Gramya Vikas Parishad Mangal Pur (GVPM), founded in 1987, is a registered organization with its goal of Holistic Development of Society.
GVPM has done a pioneering work through several projects and programmes with the support of different agencies. The organization has metamorphosed into a more proactive and fixable instrument for taking development to the needy and marginalized. The primary focus of the organization has been the development of Women and Children.

Our Vision
To have a just, healthy, and self reliant society where equal opportunities are made available to the disadvantaged mainly the women.

Our Mission
To reduce poverty among rural masses in which women will play a proactive role and to ensure basic infrastructural facilities and to equip them with knowledge, information and skills to cope up their by themselves.

• Formation and Nurturing of Self Help Groups.
• Exploring Sustainable Livelihood Portfolio.
• Participatory Development.
• Micro Planning.
• Taking up challenges of RCH/HIV/AIDS.
• Strengthening Local Self Governance
• Capacity Building through organizing Seminars, Workshops, Training both Vocational and Non Vocational and Camps.
• Research and Documentation.

Activities & Programmes
• Vocational Training Provider
• National Digital Literacy Mission
• Flood Relief
• Health & Family Welfare Programme
• Drug Abuse Programme
• Agriculture Development Programme
• HIV/AIDS/CANCER/T.B Control Programme
• SHG Formation & Training Programme
• Consumer Welfare Programme
• Pulse Polio Eradication Programme
• Sanitation Programme
• Women Empowerment
• Community Development

Anjani Shrivastwa is the Chief Functionary of Gramya Vikas Parishad Mangal Pur (GVPM).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.