Shu'fat's Children and Youth

Shufat Camp
51007 Jerusalem

Ansprechpartner: Wheady, Inam

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+972 5828214


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Über uns

Shu'fat Camp is the only refugee camp within the boundaries of Jerusalem Municipality (it means that it is inside Israeli territories). The Refugee Camp was founded in 1966 and was planned to host few thousands of people. After the war in 1967 many new refugees streams added progressively new population to the Camp, increasing its dramatic social and sanitary conditions. Centri Rosseau with its project "Shu'fat's Children and Youth" is working with: Women's Center of Shu'fat Camp, Popular Committee and Disabled Center.

The social cooperative Centri Rousseau was born in 1968 with the aim to develop social-educational project for children and youth. It is promoting different activities in Italy: youth centres, summer camps, school activities, educational workshops, training courses for social operators and many services focused on youth and children. From 2002, Centri Rousseau is developing an international cooperation project in Palestine in Shu'fat Refugee Camp, promoting a network of many Palestinian, Israeli and Italian associations in the field of social and educational intervention for children.

Project's objectives: The main objective is to develop an educational process to promote real alternatives to the Camp disease, starting from the realization of an educational service dedicated to the minors of the camp. The project intend to support the competencies of the local associations and the skills related to the capacities to development of the network, the available professions and the enterprise spirit. In this way it will establish training courses focused on social educational issues and about micro economy competences in order to develop the economic sustainability of the project through income generating activities.

Inam Wheady is living in Jerusalem city and is holding a B.A. Social Work and other non-formal training courses to work with women and children. Actually, she is working as a coordinator in Shu'fat Refugee Camp for Centri Rosseau (Italian NGO).

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. Also we can give expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, deliver a lecture, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.