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Über uns

Undercurrents is both a non-profit company and a registered charity and offers media support to grassroots direct action campaign groups. Paul O' Connor co-founded Undercurrents in 1994 as an alternative video news agency.

Undercurrents aims to bring about positive social , environmental and personal change using various forms of media, currently being video, internet and text. We support, train and give resource access for both individuals and grassroot campaign groups.

We aim to build long-term collaborative relationships with:
• Local and International campaign groups
• Local art/media based community groups
• NGO 's and organisations
• Other grassroots video groups throughout Britain and the world
• Journalists

The principles of equal opportunities will apply to recruitment, promotion, transfer, training and all terms and conditions of employment.
Undercurrents believes that following a policy of equality of opportunity will benefit not only the individual but also benefit and enrich the whole organisation.

Undercurrents is an award winning production company specialising in producing and distributing DVD compilations reflecting UK & global counter-culture.

We are a non-profit company mostly working with video makers and communities who have been marginalised or overlooked by TV broadcasters. We focus on social and environmental justice issues. While we may support a campaign groups wider aims, we remain entirely independent from any campaign group or political party.

• Undercurrents exposes a threat to press freedom with the investigative documentary 'Breaking News'. Our investigations lead to awards, press exposure, and begin negotiations between police and journalists for the freedom to report unhindered at protests
• The annual 'Beyond TV' video activist festival was launched in 2000 by Undercurrents.
• Undercurrents is also the title of our DVD compilations of micro-documentaries, animations and short films depicting inspiring music, environmental documentaries, video activism & human rights protest. Undercurrents compilations have gained a positive reputation amongst many countless communities, educational institutes and broadcasters.
• Undercurrents, along with other media activists created a valuable platform for activists to bypass the corporate media by recording and circulating news of their own event.
• Undercurrents hosts video training workshops for all ages and abilities. We teach how to use a video camera, edit digitally and upload videos to the internet.

Paul O' Connor is the Co-Founder of Undercurrents.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.