Masindi Community Foundation (MCF)

P.O. Box 368; Plot 54 Persee Street,

Ansprechpartner: Annet Nansubuga

+256 465 420090
+256 465 420090


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Über uns

Masindi Community Foundation (MCF) is a nonprofit organization created by the communities of Masindi district in the year 2011 to nurture and strengthen community philanthropy.

Making Masindi a better place to live for everyone.

To mobilize and endow resources for the promotion and facilitation of asset based development so as to enable local citizens establish and manage sustainable social enterprises capable of improving their livelihoods and helping them achieve poverty relief.

• Promote asset based development model.
• Support through grant making initiatives of formally established community based organizations, CBOs directed towards tackling issues which negatively impact on the social enterprises.
• Establish, promote and maintain sound community-rooted growth funds, to facilitate and promote asset based development.
• Facilitate establishment of saving schemes for social enterprises to enable members access very low interest loans to invest in their enterprises and hence increase income levels.
• Facilitate linkages between social enterprises and prospective markets like agricultural companies, schools and other agencies.
• Work in partnership with other development partners to ensure that key services like extension services, inputs, access to finance and business development services are availed to the social enterprises.
• Engage other development actors like the government to create favorable environment for social enterprises.

Our work:
• MCF exists to enable poor persons establish sustainable social enterprises capable of improving their livelihoods towards achieving poverty relief.
• A social enterprise is basically a self-help group of people who work together to improve their livelihoods. Members individually operate similar core businesses eg. poultry enterprise but meet regularly to share and learn from each other´s best practices, undertake collective marketing, meet regularly to save part of their earnings and receive low interest loans from the savings pool so as to invest into their businesses, venture into other micro-enterprises or meet other needs and also undertake collective marketing.
• And to benefit from diversity or to venture into other micro-enterprises like apiary, rice production, cassava production etc, members meet and learn other production skills/knowledge from members of other social enterprises eg. learning about effective maize pre and post-harvest management from members operating maize enterprise.
• MCF organizes such learning and sharing meetings between two different social enterprises upon requests by members.
• MCF´s Skills and Career Enrichment Program for Community Development students
• We helped our agricultural social enterprises with gardening activities and also provided them with quality inputs;
• We erected tip taps-clean sources of water for washing hands in homes and schools;
• We planted trees in some of the schools in Masindi as a way of encouraging the future generation to conserve the environment.

Annet Nansubuga is the Social Development and Research Officer of the Masindi Community Foundation (MCF).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.