Fountain of Hope for Girls and Women

13b Changalele, Quartier Congo,
Lubumbashi, Katanga, 940

Ansprechpartner: Ndaya Nabote, Irène Martine


  • Menschenrechte
  • Sozialpolitik/behinderte Menschen
  • Frauenpolitik/feministisches Projekt
  • Freiwillige Helfer sind willkommen.

Über uns

The Fountain of Hope for Girls and Women is a non-governmental organization seeking to aid the women and girls of the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire). FEFF stands up for the rights and the liberty of the women, her protection, her sexual independence and her self-sufficiency for her future. The mission of FEFF is:

- defend and to recognize the rights and the liberty of the woman and the legality of two sexes,
- guarantee her protection lives-to-live opposed sex,
- inform, warn and learn to the girls and to the women be agent moral of their life daily, while being sexually independent,
- help the girls to attain the university level,
- give the education to the girls, through workshops, cutting and sewing, tricotage, data processing, theatre, video film, agriculture and breading...
- help the girls and women victims of sexual aggressions, violence, incest,
- organize the seminars and the workshops to inform the girls and women of their rights and especially of itself protected against the transmissible sexual diseases and Aids,
- visit, console the women detained in prisons and attend them with an assistance so moral as materially. Plead for them, in while in need,
- create partnerships in the world, demand the financial assistance of international institutions, governments, foundations, churches, the organizations of the UN, the philanthropic organizations, potential donors and individuals.

Irène Martine Ndaya Nabote is the Executive Director of the organization.

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