SCOSAQ (Society for Cognition of Science and Art for Quality)

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Ansprechpartner: K Nithyanandan Nair

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+91 (0)80-28376246


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Über uns

SCOSAQ (Society for Cognition of Science and Art for Quality) is an autonomous organization not for profit, registered in 2012 as an NGO for social reformation empowering people academically, industrially and culturally through research, training and development. Its objectives are welfare sustenance, livelihood and economic development of the mankind.

Social integration and self empowerment of individuals through Cognitive training and Development concepts in education, industry and social governance for developing the society as a cognitive Cluster creating a wealthy world of natural attributes

Cognition is the mission of SCOSAQ. Cognition means proper understanding or proper awareness.

SCOSAQ is a non-profit autonomous body with the objective of imparting cognitive knowledge to the people of India in association with International Academy for Social Excellence, a research preceptor´s organization promoted by Foundation for Human Excellence Trust with the motive of mentoring the people lovingly and amicably. It will assist the citizens though various training programs creating proper awareness among them about the rights and duties within the Constitutional law of India.
The institution has devised different kind of training programs to empower teachers/ trainers to guide the individual, right from infancy.
Also this institution arranges seminars, conferences nationally and internationally, besides, journals, books, booklets, hamlets, mentoring and promoting creative methods, health science, enterprise developments, farming, cultivation, agriculture, renewable energy by disseminating knowledge to bring the entire nations under the one shelter of Cosmic Universal Excellence

Training Programs
• THRD: Empowering Teachers Community: Teachers Empowerment program: Introduction of quality concepts in education is the mission of this training program.
• LHRD:Leaner´ß s / Vocational community: Learners/Vocational Community Empowerment a Change initiative for better world of Excellence: Transforming the students to intelligent community of learners is the mission of school education.
• EHRD: Empowering Entrepreneurs community: Knowledge of philosophy, chemistry, physics and its integrative practice path (the Art) are essential for one to become an entrepreneur. The life skill required to be practiced for self awareness thereafter for self empowerment for creativity through social integration are imparted through a training process.

Cognitive Institutes of Research Training and development: A number of Cognitive research institutions are being formed under this society.
• Cognitive Institute of Empowerment and Research is a division of SCOSAQ to impart cognitive training and quality certification to empower the mankind empowering Trainers/ Teachers of educational institutions, industries and social workers through Innovative Research and Development concepts of Cognition),
• Cognitive Institute for Entrepreneurship Development and Research to impart entrepreneur skill among higher education candidates.
• Cognitive Institute for Vocational Training and Research to impart vocational cognitive and quality skill training for community development and certification to empower the youth in their aptitude craft creatively in association with respective academies and industries incorporating innovative Research and Development concepts of Cognition,
• Cognitive Institute for Economics and Research to re-design an economic science as per the natural science of values for social peace and for economic development.

K Nithyanandan Nair is the President of SCOSAQ (Society for Cognition of Science and Art for Quality), the NGO for Cognitive Education & Research.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of education and human development.