Shines Children´s Foundation (SCF)

P.O Box: 97; African quarters, plot 18, Kasigwa Road, Baharagete Road

Ansprechpartner: Kiirya Denis



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Über uns

The Shines Children´s Foundation (SCF) is a community based local NGO that focus on improving the lives of orphans and vulnerable children and youth in the Masindi District Uganda. The organization was founded in 2014.

To create a free society where all children and youth have access to equal opportunities for sustainable development.

To provide transformation in our society through provision of education to vulnerable children in slums by empowering youth and women economically through entrepreneurship and vocational training so they can access to equal opportunities for sustainable development.

Among other services we run the following programs:
• Education: Under the Education program, we own and run two nursery/primary schools for orphans and vulnerable children. We also support formal and informal education (including literacy) of the targeted population, including providing educational materials (uniform, exercise books, pen, school fees, etc.…),
• Orphan Care: Under the Orphan Care program, we provide a home for homeless and in this home, we provide food, clothing and health care for children until we get their families to be reunited or after their graduating.
• Health: Under the Health program, we do peer education in schools and other organized youth groups. During peer education we discuss adolescence and puberty, sexual reproductive health rights, and HIV counseling and testing. We also provide general health services to all our children whom we care for in our organization.
• Economic Empowerment: Under the Economic Empowerment program, we provide entrepreneurship skills to encourage saving and credit schemes and income generating activities for unemployed women, youth and teenagers. In all other projects we do we consider children and gender equality.

In all these projects, we work with the community and the general public at large in providing humanitarian complimentary services to disabled, abandoned, vulnerable children, orphans, widows, youths with distress, the elderly, and victims of natural calamities with the Local Government and other civil society organizations.

Kiirya Denis is the Executive Director of the Shines Children´s Foundation (SCF).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.