Subhan Medical Centre Trust (SMCT)

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Ansprechpartner: Muhammad Shafiq

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Über uns

SMCT Subhan Medical Centre Trust is a non-profit organization. It is purely based on passionate devotion for the welfare of persons suffering from the substance related disorders and comorbidity of other psychiatric disorders. SMCT has a firm belief that drug addiction is a progressive and curable disease. SMCT established in 2009 in the heart of the Islamabad city initially with 30 beds and was upgraded to 50 beds in 2012. SMCT consists of highly trained staff of psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, general physicians, social workers and paramedics.

Mission, vision and values
• The disease concept, restore hope, healing the people affected by the addiction disease.
• Detoxification, rehabilitation, prevention of psychological, social and financial harm to the individuals, community and family.
• Establishment of personal values, Self reliance, re-establishing behavioral skills, attitudes, values and change of lifestyle consistent with shared community.
• To provide affordable medical and psychological treatment.
• To get welfare aid for betterment of neglected (drug addicts) society members.
• To provide affordable care for the elderly citizens.

Facilities by SMCT
• Rehabilitation for the substance related disorders
• Psychological treatment for in and out patients
• Ageing, rehabilitation & geriatric care unit
• Education and research centre for the research scholars
• Female rehabilitation centre for the behavioral disorders
• Religious activities / counseling
• Lectures, documentaries, films

• Ageing Rehabilitation and Geriatric Care Program (ARGC): ARGC is SMCT´s project. It is a 10 bed unit with proper arrangements. Our goal is to blend research from different disciplines to better understand improvement of care for our aging population, impact of physical activity on aging, rehabilitation for disabling conditions, both acute and chronic, and the treatment of progressive diseases.
• Networking
• Treatment methodology: Treatment for substance addiction generally requires professional help to overcome the fixed habits and behavior patterns of addiction. Begin with a therapist and explore the addiction treatment options for your unique needs.
• Advocacy: SMCT for public advocacy works hard to fight the stigma of addiction and to promote the promise and possibility of recovery.
• Prevention: SMCT has comprehensive resources including research, pamphlets, social media, walks and more on various prevention topics to help you prevent and detect the signs of risky behavior.
• Mental health services: SMCT mental health services offer a broad continuum of professional services designed exclusively to meet the unique emotional and mental health needs of individuals in recovery from alcohol, drugs and related diseases and their families. Mental health services are provided for clients in SMCT residential programs as well as for the general community on an outpatient basis.

Muhammad Shafiq is the Chief Executive Officer of the Subhan Medical Center Trust (SMCT).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.