Integrated Women Development Institute (IWDI)

14/57 Thirunagar, Villivakkam
600 049 Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Ansprechpartner: Celinal Paul Daniel



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Über uns

The Integrated Women Development Institute (I.W.D.I.) is a Non-Governmental Secular Community Organization for social action and development in the Dalit community in Tamil Nadu. IWDI is a NGO with an aim to educate and motivate women through leadership training camps, in order to utilize their potential to create a new society free of discrimination and exploitation.

• To liberate Dalit women from the clutches of bandage and exploitation.
• To educate and motivate women through leadership training camps in order to utilize their potential to create a new society free of discrimination and exploitation.
• To empower Dalit women at the micro-level, to develop organized communities with self esteem; security, and human dignity for the landless poor through mobilization of human resources, social awareness, legal aid service and by increasing accessibility of people to govt programmes and poverty eradication.
• To facilitate at the macro level the organization for social education and development through solidarity networking, documentation, advocacy lobbying and organizing seminars, and effectively utilizing the human resources of the organization, staff training and development programmes at frequent intervals on leadership dynamics.

• Formation of women sangams in the villages.
• Implementing government programmes for poverty alevation.
• Organizing women in urban slums.
• Organizing small savings schemes - micro credit programme.
• Organizing leadership training for women, skills development and income generation programmes.
• Providing low cost toilet facilities to all the houses and schools in the project area.
• Providing safe and protected drinking water by erecting borewells in all the villages and schools of the project area.
• Organizing seminars and workshops for women.
• Organizing cultural programmes and training for women.
• Running creches for children.
• Forming of self help groups.

Celinal Paul Daniel is the President/Secretary of IWDI.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.