Anam Foundation for Peace Building - AF4PB

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Ansprechpartner: Alhassan Suale

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Über uns

Anam Foundation for Peace Building (AF4PB), founded 2013, is a Non-Governmental Organization, a non-political and non-profit making organization, established with the aim of building peaceful communities across the three northern regions and Ghana as whole.
The foundation seeks to achieve this through the promotion and execution of programs and activities that can contribute towards reconciliation and cooperation among the people.
ANAM’s core value "Inclusive Participation", seeks to create a powerful network in partnership with other interest groups such as governmental organizations, academic institutions, local communities and traditional authorities to contribute towards building more peaceful and prosperous communities.

Mission Statement
To provide the requisite platform for stakeholder engagement to facilitate the building of lasting peace and sustainable development in the Northern Regions, and Ghana as a whole.

Our work
• Educational initiatives
Because education is vital to empowering all people, AF4PB shall engage in significant initiatives in leadership education, character education, and peace education. These will include Anam Foundation for Peace Building Conferences (AF4PBC), youth leadership education, Speeches delivery at various schools, and service for peace learning.
AF4PB principal education division includes, working with principals, teachers, educators, community stakeholders, parents and students to enhance creativity and leadership through transforming school culture. As our main core value which is getting all involve, AF4PB will be the leading organization to partner most of the schools in the Northern part of the country for youth to get involve in discussion matters of violence and conflicts in our communities.
• Service and development initiatives
Based on a strong commitment to advancing a culture of service to others, AF4PB and its partners will promote a wide range of initiatives that tap the creativity of the human spirit and the trans-formative power of service. These efforts include a significant focus on social entrepreneurship and community drive development as effective approaches to addressing critical social issues.
• Environmental initiatives
AF4PB is committed in clean up exercise to help prevent diseases from our local communities and also making sure we partner the chiefs and other stick holders in educating the communities for the benefits drive from the cleaning, we will be making sure there is available clean water for each community for consumption.
• Partnership and conflict resolution initiatives
AF4PB and its partners are highly committed to resolving conflict and violence in building genuine and sustained collaboration, especially based on tribal issues which causes violence among faith leaders rooted in tribal and chieftancy principles and values in the communities.
• Women´s empowerment initiatives
Northern Peace Women (NPW), a division of the Anam Foundation for Peace Building, is advancing the vision of One Family under God by protecting women´s rights and advancing the role of women in leadership. Northern Peace Women is dedicated to raising awareness of the innate value of women and working to resolve social conflicts and create a peaceful world through the engagement of women and by working together with other organizations.

Alhassan Suale is the Founder of the Anam Foundation for Peace Building (AF4PB).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.