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Über uns

Moksha Foundation (MF) is a non-government organization in Delhi, India. Founded in August, 2012, Moksha Foundation aims at bringing about meaningful change in the society. Working in the West zone of Delhi, Moksha Foundation looks at various issues that one may come across in the daily life of a household and addresses these with an objective of creating a continuous and long-lasting change that would benefit society as a whole. The primary areas of focus are encouraging green energy production, organizing information based awareness campaigns and focusing on individual cases related to health and legal problems.

Areas of Focus
Moksha Foundation´s constant effort to introduce effective projects towards making a change, wherein the broader picture is viewed as four key aspects:
• Green Energy Promotion: MF views the drainage of the earth´s vital resource as an eminent issue wherein it has resolved to make people focus on the greener and renewable sources of energy production so that 40 years down the lane we can still talk of existence of the fossil fuels which are at the brink of non existence.
• Legal Aid: MF seeks to bring justice to the homes where it is of utmost need to lend a legal advice to resolve long standing issues and has remained stagnant because of lack of resources. Making their battle, as if it were our own, we shall light up homes with justice.
• Medical Aid: It is not only the people who do not get medical help at the time, when it is urgently required that affects the under privileged. more importantly it is the formalities that come in between of the people and medical institutions that Moksha Foundation seeks to build bridges for. MF tries to improve accessibility and provide affordability for medical facilities.
• Information based awareness program: Educating people about their rights, human rights, filing PILs wherein we educate to assert the rights of citizens, MF wishes to empower and liberate.

• Take Two Campaign: Under this project, two packets of chips were given to each student in certain government schools. One of these was for the students to keep while they were encouraged to give the other one to someone who according to them could not afford it. The idea of the project was to emphasize on the joy of giving, even if it involves something as simple as a packet of chips.
• Moksha JanUtsav: The camps will have three different aspects: A medical camp, which will run tests and general health check ups for people. A legal camp, where our lawyers will be available for free consultation. An assistance booth, where our volunteers will help the residents make their BPL, EWS or UID cards.
• Uttarakhand Relief Fund Raiser: Initiative to send to Uttarakhand 10000 healthcare kits to help the families in need by collectively raising funds for the same.
• Swastha Bhavishya Campaign: The project includes teaching the children how essential it is to wash hands through various interactive activities and also providing them with soap for instilling the habit.

Koyal Rana is the Co-founder of Moksha Foundation (MF).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.