Fundacion del Bosque Tropical & Tropical Rainforest Foundation

5a. Avenida 12-31 Zona 9, Edif. El Cortés 3er. Nivel
01009 Guatemala City

Ansprechpartner: Vida Amor de Paz

+502 2 332-3055
+502 2 331-2658


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Über uns

These are two sister organizations founded by International Event Promoter and Television Personality, Vida De Paz and the prestigious architect, Roberto de Paz. Fundacion del Bosque Tropical (FBT) was founded in Guatemala on July 11, 1994. Tropical Rainforest Foundation (TRF) was founded in 1998 and approved as a tax-exempt publicly-supported American organization in 1999 in the State of Florida. Its mission is to conserve tropical rainforests, while promoting sustainable development. Its actions are aimed at raising awareness and sensibility of topics which have particular impact on the environment and to promote and support reafforestation at community levels and in private and governmental sectors.

Some of its programs and projects are:

- supporting the Laguna Brava Conservation Project in Yolnajab.
- supporting the Cuenca el Mirador archeological and ecological project .
- Christmas Trees Project in Nenton, Huehuetenango
- Planeta Verde Televisión: A cable TV station which will broadcast documentaries, interviews and live programs on environmental, scientific and cultural topics.
- microMacro is the first multimedia project in Latin America and the Caribbean highlighting success stories of individuals, entrepreneurs, and rural and urban communities that improve their living standards while protecting their environment. Produced by the Television for the Environment Foundation (TVE-London) and 16 associated organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean, microMacro includes a television series of 81 documentaries, broadcast in over 30 countries of the region, and backed up by an interactive website and a wide variety of educational material.
- Video Bank: Partners (Video Resource Centers VRC) of Television Trust for the Environment TVE. Rights and licenses to distribute and copy documentaries on the environment.
- Environmental Communications Center: Educational center to provide seminars, workshops, conferences, courses, and consultation on scientific themes through the internet.

For other net participants we can offer expert guidance through trained staff, deliver a lecture, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.