New Horizon Association for Social Development (NHASD)

54, Madinet Al Fustat Al Gadida, Old Cairo

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Über uns

New Horizon Association for Social Development (NHASD), established in 2003, is an Egyptian based non-governmental organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of the most marginalized and underdeveloped communities in Egypt.

Our mission is to empower the poor and most neglected communities by advancing sustainable community-based development, giving the poor equal right to participate and engage in shaping their political, economic and social environment, and to exercise their right to a socio-economic sustainable livelihood and to access fundamental social services.

Overall objective
• Encourage the formation of sustainable community structures and develop the human and institutional capacities of Community Development Associations (CDAs);
• Demonstrate models for development initiatives that lead to a comprehensive improvement of underprivileged people´s life;
• Protect and promote youth and children´s fundamental rights to health, basic education, safe environment and public participation;
• Empower women to take lead in the socio-economic and political sphere of their communities.

• Agriculture: Community empowerment and job-creation through Organic Agri-Business development project in the New ValleyPrograms; Establishment of a vocational training facility for enviromentally friendly agriculture in New Valley; Youth employment through vocational training
• Civic Education: Generating social behavioral change within communities through rights based approach in combating violence against women; Enhance the role of the community participation among youth; Fostering a culture of tolerance through strengthening active citizenship engagement and celebrating diversity; Empowering youths in Old Cairo and Dar al Salam to participate in civil society; Promoting right based approach for development
• Education: Girls scholarship activities; Raise the efficiency of the educational process at schools in Old Cairo; Summer camp; Supporting the youth through fighting illiteracy and developing
• Environment: Develop the health and enviromental housing conditions of poor families in marginalized areas in Old Cairo; Provide secure sewage system for poor families; Sustainable water management solution for agribusiness development in Dakhla;
• Solidarity Tourism: To establish a self-sustainable community centre and guest house in Balat and to promote solidarity tourism in the area
• Social / Economic Programs

NHASD implements projects that are geared towards providing target groups with strategic skills and capacities designed to support the ability of the poor to exercise their right to:
• Socio-economic sustainable livelihood: secure access to food and water, an income, dignifying work conditions and protection of their environment
• Fundamental social services: basic health care, education for all children and access to safe drinking water
• Participation: engaging the marginalized and poor in the political life of their society in order to ensure their voice influences decisions affecting their lives in order to secure and protect their civil and political rights.

Sarah Kamel Abdulfattah is the Fundraising & Communication Officer at the New Horizon Association for Social Development (NHASD).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.