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Über uns

Silent Heroes Foundation (SHF) was formed in 2010 through the partnership of friends and colleagues Dr. Hayley Adams and Dr. Innocent Rwego. Both are enthusiastic conservationists, with a goal to improve the quality of life for wildlife and endangered species in Africa. Both veterinarians also specialize in infectious and zoonotic disease research. Silent Heroes aids veterinarians, physicians, and rangers in Africa by supplying them with needed resources, and provides adjunct training for Park rangers and fellow conservationists.

Mission Statement
Silent Heroes Foundation (SHF) believes in the One Health philosophy, that is to say humans and animals are intricately connected to their environment. This is most especially true in the developing world. With One Health in mind, SHF is committed to enhance both animal and human health in Africa, as well as to aid in the protection and conservation of its wildlife and endangered species. This is achieved through the distribution of crucial supplies to veterinarians & conservationists in Africa, through the provision of equipment and training to park rangers and conservationists in Africa´s parks & preserves, and through research and education on the prevention of disease transmission between domestic animals, wildlife and humans.

Silent Heroes Foundation´s work includes support of these programs and projects:
One Health
• AWARE: Animal & Wildlife Area Research & Rehabilitation, Zimbabwe
• Community Animal Health Centre, Uganda
• etc
Wildlife Conservation through Innovation
• COMACO: Community Markets for Conservation, Lusaka, Zambia
• Raptor Rehabilitation, Kenya
• Tarangire Bee Fence Initiative, Tanzania
Endangered and threatened species protection
• Rhino Conservation, Namibia
• Elephant Orphanage Project, Zambia
• Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project, Rwanda
• etc
Veterinary Education
• Sokoine University of Agriculture - Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Tanzania
• Umutara Polytechnic University - Department of Wildlife and Aquatic Resources Management, Rwanda
• University of Nairobi - Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Kenya
• Vet Books For Africa, Pretoria, South Africa
• etc

Hayley R. Adams is the Founder and Director of Operations of Silent Heroes Foundation (SHF).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.