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Über uns

The Shule Foundation, founded in 2014, is a non-profit organization committed to expanding the reach and availability of a superior education by building state-of-the-art international, tuition-based boarding schools in rural villages across sub-Saharan Africa.

Our Mission
Education is a human right, and we believe this right should be protected—no matter where a child lives. Dedicated to building schools, not just classrooms, the Shule Foundation is expanding the reach and availability of a quality education to children in rural Africa, providing global opportunities for the continent´s next generation of changemakers and leaders.

The Shule Way - African Education Designed by African Educators
• All children have a right to a world-class education.
• Education means more than just building schools and classrooms.
• Successful schools are built for the 21st century and beyond.
• Cost-sharing model and other fee-generating programs
• Teachers are our heroes and deserve the tools to succeed.
• Good ideas are meant to be shared.
• African students learn best from African teachers

• 5 equals 3: For every five paying students, three academically capable but marginalized children are awarded scholarships to cover food, healthcare and housing, school materials and tuition through the completion of their education.
• MICHE Project: Miche means "seedling" in Swahili. Shule has decided to turn a portion of our land into an organic farm. The farm enables us to raise the money we need to begin construction on our inaugural pre-school as well as improve the overall economic climate of the entire village of Kigumba. Our farming project will bring access to clean water, electricity, and health care, will raise the funds needed to begin construction on our pre-school, will provide young people with job opportunities by tasking them to farm with us, will educate local farmers on the cultivation of exotic crops and best practices for organic farming, increasing their profit margin.
• W.E.E. Campaign - Water, Electricity, Education: Millions of people, especially children, are deprived access to their, basic human rights, clean water, electricity and quality education. The goal of the campaign is bringing clean water, electricity and education to the families of Kigumba, Uganda.

A sustainable model: All operating costs for Shule schools are covered by the collection of school fees, the sale of produce and livestock from our organic farm and services like the rental of a campus or our 64-passenger bus.

Jacqueline Wolfson is the Co-Founder, CEO and Board Chair of the Shule Foundation, Inc..

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