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Über uns

Coptic Orphans is an award-winning international Christian development organization that has touched the lives of over 30,000 children in Egypt since 1988.

"Coptic" means Egyptian Christian and Coptic Orphans is the fruit of the indigenous Christian community of Egypt with its ancient way of life that goes all the way back to the first century.

Coptic Orphans works in 55 dioceses in Egypt, in close partnership with each local bishop, who also guides in areas of local need and nominates new volunteers.

Coptic Orphans focuses on the children most likely to face the deadly combination of poverty and social injustice, but who have the greatest potential to change their lives and the lives of others.
Orphan" often means "fatherless" in Egypt; the fatherless face illiteracy, poverty, and shame.

Our mission is to unlock the God-given potential of fatherless and other children facing extraordinary challenges in Egypt, and so equip them to break the cycle of poverty and become change-makers in their local communities.

Through child sponsors and a network of hundreds of village-based volunteers, churches, and organizations, our programs help children stay in school (and stay with their families) until we unlock their full potential.

The Focus of Our Work
Coptic Orphans unlocks the God-given potential of children in Egypt through grassroots partnerships and volunteer networks: especially children who have lost their father and the girl child. Both are interconnected groups that face great challenges, but have even greater potential.

Our Programs
• Not Alone: We equip children who have lost a father with resources to access their basic rights through a church-based network of local volunteer advocates and mentors in the Not Alone program.
• Valuable Girl Project: We build self-esteem in girls at risk of dropping out of school through interactive activities and one-on-one mentoring through The Valuable Girl Project.
• Tankeem: Tamkeen builds the capacity of community development associations that support girls and young women in Upper Egypt through work with community development associations in Assiut, Minya, and Sohag.
• Sponsor a Child: Sponsorship is not just giving money. It helps provide food, shelter, education, and the promise of a better future while creating relationships.
• Serve to Learn: We connect volunteers from around the globe to Egypt for a three-week summer journey in Serve to Learn.

Shereen Ibrahim is the North East Regional Manager of Coptic Orphans.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.