One More Day for Children Foundation (OMDC Foundation)

P.O BOX 3031; Kimathi Road

Ansprechpartner: Hellen Gathogo

+254 721 358 271; +254 0701037499


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Über uns

One More Day for Children Foundation (OMDC) is a Kenyan Public Benefit Organization which exists to ensure that the remaining responsibility to realize a safe and secure society for children to grow in, develop and prosper has been achieved.
Registered as a non-governmental foundation in 2009, One More Day for Children is an organization that assists, enables and empowers children, young persons, CSOs and communities to improve their life circumstances.

Our Vision
To realize a safe and secure environment where children rights and well-being are upheld

Our Mission
To give adequate opportunity to children and young person to realize their full potential by securing, protecting and promoting their fundamental rights.

Our organizational objectives
• To secure, protect and promote the best interests and welfare of children in the republic of Kenya.
• To empower children in need of care and protection and their families socially, economically and psychologically
• To promote girl child education and empowerment
• To promote family life in Kenya by way of education, training, instruction, lobbying and advocacy
• To build internal and external capacity on issues of securing, protecting and promoting children rights in Kenya
• To create partnership, linkages and networks with other key players 7. To promote innovation and research

Our programs
• Girls´ Safe House for victims/survivors of FGM, Child Marriages, Beading and other forms of GBV cases
• Child trafficking and Child labor program
• Child rights, education & skills development;
• Advocacy, Research and Community outreach
• Health Program (Adolescents sexual &Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS, OVC care)
• Sexual & Gender Based Violence (GBV)
• Rapid response and rescue of children in distress program
• Girl Child empowerment, Family counseling and Rehabilitation program

Hellen Gathogo is the Founder and Executive Director of the One More Day for Children Foundation (OMDC).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.